Woodford Northamptonshire

Planning Applications


The vast majority of Planning Applicaitons for Woodford are handled by East Northamptonshire Council. The Parish Council is one of a number of statutory consultees, alongside neighbouring residents, Highways, Department of Environment and conservation bodies who are consulted on each applicaiton. Whilst the aforementioned are directly consulted, all members of the public can make comment too, and Notices advising of the consultaiton details are published by ENC at the site address, ENC website and also in the press (Nene Valley News).

Any comments will be gladly received by the Parish Council who may use some of the arguments in their own response, however, the Local Government Ombudsman advises that "Town and parish councils may recommend that planning permission is granted or refused. However .......their views are given no more or less weight than any other comments a council receives", conseqently, if you feel strongly about a specific applicaiton you should comment directly to planning@east-northamptonshire.gov.uk, quoting either the address or planning reference. You should also include your contact details, as anonymous messages will not normally be considered.

Latest Applications

The most recent applicaiotns received by Woodford Parish Council are shown below. For more details go to East Northamptonshire Council Planning Web Page, agree to the limitations of use, then select search by reference, use the planning reference below to view further details.

Planning Ref Address Description Closing Date PC Response ENC Decision
19/1238/FUL Addington Rd Construct two 20 dog
kennel buildings,
excercise barn and
assoc works
12 October Objection, based on noise,
drainage, access, open
countryside development,
traffic, detrimental to
existing businesses
19/01095/FUL 6 Addington Rd Demolish
outbuildings build
triple garage
closed No Objection as long
garage remains
ancillary to 6 Addington
Rd and is not used as
separate accomodation
19/01065/FUL 99A High St Conservatory
closed No Objection Decision
19/00884/FUL 8 Pleasant Row Rebuild porch closed No Objection Permitted
19/00607/FUL 4A Church St Side and rear
closed No Objection Permitted
19/00596/FUL 64 Highfield Change of use of
closed App not received Permitted
19/00420/FUL 13 Church St Replace uPVC
windows with
closed No Objection Permitted

N.B. The closing date for consultation is the date advised to the Parish Council. Under certain circumstances this is delayed by ENC, so visit their website for latest information.