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This page provides information relating to the Parish Council.


Woodford Parish Council comprises thirteen councillors serving a term of up to four years. Any casual vacancies arising within the four years are filled by either election or co-option, but all terms automatically cease at the following election. The next election was due to take place on 2 May 2019 but has now been delayed 12 months due to the changes imposed by impending unitary status.. Click for details of current councillors. NB Due to Coronavirus in  spring 2020 the election was delayed yet again to 2021.


The Council's Standing Orders require a meeting to be held on the third Tuesday of each month at 7.30pm. Meetings are presently held in a room at the Baptist Church, Rose Terrace, Woodford. See timetable

Attending a meeting

Members of the press and public are welcome to attend any meeting (although may be excluded from certain agenda items), and an item is included within the agenda for attendees to make a statement or ask questions. Please be aware that the Council is under no obligation to respond immediately to any points raised, and it may be necessary for the subject to be raised as an agenda item at the following meeting.
Please note, If more than one member of the public is making the same representation then they should elect a spokesperson.

Members of the public are not permitted to participate in debate during any other part of the meeting.

During Covid Pandemic, members of the Public can still attend meetings but due to limited space, may be asked to make their statement and then leave, if other members of the public need access to make a statement.  The best way is to submit a written statement.
Remember. Do not attend if you are showing signs of Coronavirus, or have been to to isolate. Masks must be worn, unless you have a medical exemption (which will be recorded). Please observe Social Distancing.


This is the latest Council agenda.


Minutes of recent Council meetings, Once approved can be viewed on this page.
Minutes of other meetings can be obtained from the Clerk.

Council Responsibilities

Parish Councils along with Parish Meetings are the lowest tier of Local Government and as such are required to act within the Laws and Regulations laid by Parliament. There are significant restrictions on what a Council can or cannot do and what it can and cannot spend money upon. Depending upon the attributes of a Parish there the following duties can vary significantly, however, within the village of Woodford, the Parish Council is responsible for the following:


The Parish Council also nominates Trustees to the Woodford General Charity and The Woodford General Charity (Temperance Hall) and a councillor is nominated to the Police Joint Action Group (JAG) which is a local committee of Parish Representatives who meet quarterly to discuss local crime trends and set priorities for the local Safer Community Team of Police Officers.

Council Finances

Parish Council Finances are audited by an auditor appointed each year by the Council (known as an Internal Auditor) and an Annual Return is made to the Government appointed External Auditor each year. More information can be found on the Finance page.

Council Funding

Parish Council's primary funding source is through the Council Tax, and Woodford Parish Council raises a "Precept" each year which is collected by East Northamptonshire Council as part of the Council Tax and is paid to the Council in two installments, in April and September. The Precept is calculated as the final part of the budget calculation which is normally set at the December meeting preeceding the start of the financial year.

Councils can also borrow funds from specified sources and also apply for grants to supplement their income.

More details about the Council Tax in Woodford can be found on the Council Tax page

Code of Conduct

All Parish Councillors, when accepting the position of Councillor agree to adhere to the Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct adopted by Woodford Parish Council is similar to that used by most Parish Councils in East Northamptonshire.

Freedom of Information

The Council is obliged to make certain information available under the Freedom of Information Act and a link to the Publication Scheme can be found here.

General Data Protection Regulations

At the June 2018 Council meeting new policies detailing how we handle the data (information) is to be held in future. The Data Protection Policy gives an overall view including the type of information we collect and hold, and the reasons, the Data Retention Policy lists how long we will hold the information for and the Data Privacy Notice gives details of how we will handle and use the information we collect.

Transparency Code

With effect of April 2015 a new Transparency Code became law giving all Councils with a turnover of less that £25,000 to opt out of formal auditing but to become more accountable to the local electorate. More details