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Footpath Improvements

Footpath improvements have commenced between the Greenway and Glebe Farm. The footpath will remain open whilst work is taking place. If visiting the area please pass with care, there is sufficient space to pass the works safely.

September Parish Council Meeting

The September Parish Council meeting was brief. Councillors heard that work had now started on improving the surface of the Right of Way to the Greenway from Glebe Farm, and this work should be completed by early / mid October weather permitting. The improved surface and larger kissing gates will make the route much more user friendly.

Details of Planning application decisions made by East Northants Council included permissions for a garage at the entrance to ... more


Future motocross events in Thrapston Road are planned to take place on the weekends of 10th September and 8th October.

The motocross track has been vandalised in recent months through misuse by unauthorised persons. If you have any information as to who could have caused the damage, please let the Police know, or contact the Clerk to Woodford Parish Council and the information will be passed on to the leaseholders and Police

River Safety

Drowning is the third highest cause of accidental death among children in the UK. One person drowns every 20 hours in the UK and hundreds more suffer life changing injuries through near drowning. For more information follow this link

Woodford Remembers...

The Village Diary includes dates commemorating the centenary of the deaths of those named on the Village War Memorials. On the actual anniversary date a biographical note will also be posted. More details

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