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Woodford is a large village on the banks of the River Nene in Northamptonshire about 2 miles west of Thrapston and 7 miles east of Kettering between junctions 11 and 12 of the A14.

The early settlement was mainly a farming community with an increasing number of men working in the ....... more 

What's On

Select any of the events listed below to see more details. To have your event listed just email details to clerk@woodfordpc.co.uk.

New way of Accessing Medical Care

Think NHS 111 First

NHS England and NHS Improvement has launched the next phase of the latest ‘Help Us, Help You’ campaign which focuses on the NHS 111 service as a new way to access A&E.

If you have an urgent but not life-threatening medical need, ...more

Woodford Parish Council

At the December Parish Council meeting Councillors agreed to freeze next year’s overall budget, and also the amount required from the Precept (Council Tax). The main expense next year will continue to be the upgrading of street lamps, replacing the soon to be obsolete orange sodium lamps with new style LED lamps ....more

Woodford General Charity Christmas Grants

Trustees agreed at a meeting in December, to postpone the delivery of Christmas grants until the “Covid” situation improves, in order to ensure there was no chance of anyone catching or spreading the virus between households.

All new and previous applicants on record at the time of that meeting will receive their grant later in 2021.

As the books for this year’s awards are now closed, any other resident wishing to apply for future awards should look out for entitlement details and how to apply next autumn

Message from Northamptonshire Public Health

Dear Residents,

I am writing to you directly, as we enter the winter period, to inform you of the current situation relating to COVID-19 in Northamptonshire and specifically the areas in which you live. I’m also going to share some key tips to help you and your families stay safe during the winter period and how to access support if you need to self-isolate, if you become unwell, or if you require help with shopping ............ more

Other information

Please follow this link for the latest official information from the the Government

Information re setting up local support groups can be found here.

East Northamptonshire Council actions re Corvid-9

Northamptonshire Police Advice and Action


Yarnbombing exampleWoodford knitters once again decorated parts of the village earlier in the summer. Further photos can be found on this page.

Planning Applications

A new page detailing the latest planning applications can be found here, or through  the link on the Parish Council page.

Woodford History

If you are interested in Woodford history check out Woodford Online. Latest articles include "A new bell for St Marys" and "Parish Council Chairman in Court" .

Also on the site are several historic photographs of Woodford and transcripts of various documents relating to the village.


Woodford Streetlamps

Please report any faulty street lamps to lightsout@woodfordpc.co.uk. Woodford Parish Council owns all of the lamps in the village and repairs can only take place if we know about the fault and authorise the repair. Once the Parish Clerk is aware of the fault the contractor will normally repair the lamp in about a week. All you need to report is the lamp number (if known), or the location/address. Please don't assume someone else has reported the fault. We'd rather have two reports than none.


Potholes, dangerous pavements and blocked drains/gullies within the village and all approach roads are handled by Street Doctor.

This County Council service can be reached on the County Council Website.

Noise Pollution

The Parish Council occasionally receives complaints regarding noisy neighbours, especially from music being played loudly through open windows etc. The Council has no power to intervene in such matters, however East Northamptonshire Council advise in the first instance you should contact the person creating the noise and ask them to reduce the volume. If they do not, the matter should be referred to East Northamptonshire Council. The East Northants Council website containes information regarding what is considered to be a nuisance and how you should report such events

Think Before You Park Scheme

Vehicles parked in Woodford that are either causing obstructions to pedestrians or other motorists, or those parked on double yellow lines are to be monitored by Woodford Parish Council and reported to Northamptonshire Police, in a joint scheme now being implemented in a number of villages. In particular the offences causing concern are highlighted in the Highway Code.

Any such vehicles will be photographed and details will be forwarded to the Police. The motorists attention will be drawn to the fact by a yellow/orange coloured card placed on the windscreen. The Council is limited evidence gathering only.

The Police will decide how the matter is to be followed up: e.g. a warning letter, perhaps a visit from Police for repeat offenders etc.

If you need to contact the local Police regarding this scheme the email address is