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September Parish Council Meeting

Prior to the September meeting the Council had a demonstration of various electronic speed signs, which could be positioned to collect data relating to the speed of vehicles travelling through.......... more

Woodford Remembers...

The Village Diary now includes dates commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the deaths of those named on the Village War Memorials. On the actual anniversary date a biographical note will also be posted.

World War One Diary - Day by Day

Long standing residents of the village will no doubt remember the late Rector - Rev L E P De Casabianca (Rector of Woodford and Twywell 1957 -1980), but possibly less well recalled are Mrs De Casabianca's mother and step father who lived their twilight years in the bungalow at the west end of Church Street. Hubert Brown had fought in the First World War from the start of hostilities until 1916 when he was injured at the Somme. His war diaries are now being published on a daily basis, each day being put online exactly 100 years to the day following the recorded events. The diaries are somewhat vague in the early days but once mobilised become more descriptive.

Mr Hubert Brown and his wife Florence, were laid to rest in Woodford Churchyard in 1962.

Village Diary

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Village Plan published

Thanks are expressed to the Village Plan Group for the publication of the first part of the Village Plan. The Plan can be found here or by following the Village Plan Group option on the menu to the left.

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